10 of the Coolest Librarians Alive

Face it: most librarians are probably cooler than you. After all, their job is to wrangle books, attract readers, and then get the two together — one of our own favorite activities. Though for many years, the librarian stereotype was a severe old lady who couldn’t stand excessive noise, the mold has changed (to the extent that even the New York Times has noticed). Now, many librarians are punk-rock agents of social change, complete with tattoos, tech savvy, and new ideas to get books to the people. After the jump, meet just a few of the very coolest librarians alive — and since we know there are hundreds out there, add your favorite book lender (or yourself) in the comments.


Lauren Comito and Christian Zabriskie

These badass literary Brooklynites started a grassroots library advocacy group called Urban Librarians Unite, which “facilitates dialog between libraries and library workers, encourages new developments in library science, and advocates for libraries and librarians in urban areas.” In April, they plan to train and dispatch a Volunteer Library Brigade, wherein librarians (and librarians for the day) will hit the streets with carts full of books. Get in touch with them to volunteer!