The Amusing Early Roles of ‘Game of Thrones’ Stars

Happy Game of Thrones Week, everybody! As we gear up for the season three premiere, it’s worth taking a moment to acknowledge an element of the HBO hit that doesn’t often receive proper recognition, amidst all the mythology and swordplay and coolness: the brilliance of its ensemble cast. In celebration of said thespians, we thought it might be fun to take a peek into their filmographies, where some surprising early credits paved their way to Westeros and Essos. The results of our archeological dig are after the jump.

Peter Dinklage

GoT Role: Tyrion Lannister
Early Role: Tito, Living in Oblivion

For the decade and a half before GoT made Peter Dinklage a name brand, he was kind of your go-to little person for movies and television — which is why it seems so perfect that his very first film role, in Tom DiCillo’s wonderful 1995 “behind the scenes of an indie” movie Living in Oblivion, is that of a diminutive actor angry that he’s being used as a human prop for a hack dream sequence.