A Director’s Dreamboat: 7 Smitten Filmmakers on Working With Ryan Gosling

Since Ryan Gosling announced that he’ll be taking a break from acting, prompting the heartbreak of fangirls everywhere, we’ve been urged to get it together and stop being silly about the actor. But with today’s release of his latest movie, The Place Beyond the Pines, Gosling’s not going anywhere just yet. Flavorwire’s own Jason Bailey spoke to the film’s director, Derek Cianfrance (who also directed Blue Valentine), about how working with Gosling “felt like destiny.” As we suspected, the actor is also “a magic person.” Cianfrance added, “I feel like he makes the world a better place, and he makes the movie, when you’re making the movie with him, a better movie… he makes me a better filmmaker.” Here are a few other directors’ fond reminiscences of working with Gosling – it’s possible that they’ll miss him even more than we will.

George Clooney, The Ides of March

When a reporter from TIME asks George Clooney why he didn’t cast Johnny Depp or Sean Penn for the role of his character’s political protégée in his directorial debut, he quips that Gosling was “cheaper.” Also, he felt bad for the guy, since he hadn’t been in much lately – you know, except for Drive… and Crazy. Stupid. Love. – but really, he had the actor in mind for the part all along. “I liked him, he’s smart,” Clooney said.