10 New Must-Reads For April

Dear reader, we made it. Spring has taken its sweet time, but at long last we’re looking forward to weeks and weeks of nice weather — all the better for outdoors reading and breaks in sunny nooks, of course. This month, we’re diving into works by new writers, established masters, and everyone in between. But will we be able to breathe again after reading the new David Sedaris collection? Apparently, we’ll find out. After the jump, check out the ten books we’re most excited about reading this month, and let us know what you can’t wait to add to your pile in the comments.


Odds Against Tomorrow, Nathaniel Rich (April 2)

In Rich’s sophomore novel, a man who predicts disasters for a living finds himself in a doozy he didn’t expect — a flood that washes out New York City. Sound familiar? Though Rich’s vision is more extreme than recent events (all of Manhattan underwater, parts of Brooklyn turned into flatlands), the auspicious (or inauspicious?) timing works along with the book — like Mitchell, you’ll feel the cockroaches squirming in your stomach as you read. In the best of ways, of course.