10 Creepy Pop Culture Bunnies

Whether you’re celebrating Easter as a religious holiday or a Hallmark holiday — and an excuse to eat yourself into a chocolate-induced coma — spring has sprung. We’d like to believe that bunnies lay jellybean eggs and cluck like chickens on occasion, but pop culture has shown us that the cute and fuzzy creatures can actually be quite creepy. While you’re scouring the Internet for photos of children being terrorized by people in bunny costumes this morning, take a look back at these TV shows and movies that featured frightening rabbits.


The wicked bunnies in Martin Rosen’s 1978 animated movie Watership Down, based on Richard Adams’ bleak novel about a group of rabbits searching for Utopia far away from man, are a terrifying breed. They live in a warren that resembles hell and fight each other to the death. Watership Down’s nightmarish bunnies have been haunting childhood memories for decades.