These Portraits of Subjects Thinking Happy Thoughts Might Make You Happy, Too

Some art wants to make you think deep, complex thoughts or challenge your beliefs about politics or aesthetics — and some just want to make you smile. That’s Romania-based photographer Alexandra Sandu’s mission in The Daydreamers Project, for which she places subjects against a colorful pastel background and asks them to close their eyes and think of something cheerful while she snaps a photo of them in their moment of zen. She began the project in September 2009, and her goal is to document 1,000 daydreamers. Browse some of the best photos from the series — and see if they make you think happy thoughts, too — after the jump. If Sandu’s photos, which we spotted at PetaPixel, make your day, be sure to visit her website and learn more about her work.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Sandu.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Sandu.


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