The Unread Biographies of Famous Musicians

Late last week, we read with interest in the NME that Nick Cave the musician was exhibiting at Grand Central. How was it, we wondered, that it had escaped our notice that Cave was working on an immersive site-specific sculpture featuring dancing horses? Happily, over the weekend we did some research and brushed up on our Cave biography, along with that of some of our other favorite musicians. Read on, and learn some things that you’ll never have imagined could possibly be true!


Nick Cave

Born in Australia in 1957, writer and performance artist Nick Cave is a creative colossus loved and revered on both sides of the Pacific. His distinctive appearance comes as a result of a rare skin condition known colloquially in his native Australia as a “reverse Michael Jackson.” He moved to Chicago in the mid-’90s to focus on his visual art work, and his first commission for Creative Time can be found at Grand Central Station in NYC, featuring mechanical horses that dance to the sound of his songs “Where the Wild Horses Go,” “The Mercy Saddle” and “Red Right Stablehand.”