When Celebrities Sue Celebrities: A History

The news that Donald Trump is dropping — for now, anyway! — his monumentally stupid (even for him) lawsuit against Bill Maher may be good for the humorless blowhard and reality TV star, but it’s disappointing for late-night comedy writers and celeb jurisprudence fans. C’mon, admit it: that would’ve been a fun trial, if for nothing else than Maher’s testimony. At any rate, while we’re waiting to see if Trump holds true on his threat to return to the matter at a later date, here’s a look back at other instances of celebrities — real and C-list — who’ve taken each other to court.


Cary Grant vs. Chevy Chase

The year: 1980

The charge: During an appearance on Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow, Snyder told the former Saturday Night Live star — then trying to make a name as a romantic comedy leading man — that many people had compared him favorably to Cary Grant. Chase responded, apparently humorously, “I understand he was a homo. He was brilliant. What a gal!” Grant didn’t care for the joke, and the next day, he filed a $10 million lawsuit against Chase for slander.

The verdict: They eventually settled out of court, with Grant reportedly pocketing $1 million in the deal.