The Flavorwire Guide to Music Festival Fashion

You may have noticed a surfeit of “festival fashion” pieces in the past few years — places like Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar and, um, BuzzFeed are publishing guides as to what one is apparently supposed to wear to music festivals these days. We hate to sound like curmudgeons, but we’ve always been rather more concerned with the bands we’re seeing than the clothes we’re wearing. But still, who are we to fight a trend? As such, welcome to the inaugural Flavorwire Festival Fashion Guide, with tips on the hottest festival looks and where to get them!


The “Woodstock”

The classic boho festival style! Evoke the spirit of the ’60s with a look that’s oh-so-easy to emulate!

Mud: free!
Dry cleaning bill: from $10
Trench foot medication: by prescription only