Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Employees and the Art That Should Decorate Their Offices

With Season 6 of Mad Men returning this Sunday night and venturing even deeper into the 1960s, we figured it was high time for an art update at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices. After the jump, the famous artworks with which we would redecorate the walls of each of our favorite SCDP employees’ offices. In the name of sheer fun, note that no regard whatsoever has been paid to the price, availability, or timeliness of these artworks.

Roger Sterling


Joan Miró, Blue i, Blue ii, and Blue iii (pictured above), 1961

Roger’s office is getting a little too monochromatic for our liking, so we figure it could do with a good dose of color. Besides, as we near the ’70s, mod is losing its cool, and Roger’s office should change with the times. Miró’s all-encompassing Blue series will probably take up all of his wall space, but it’s worth it if it can reinvigorate this lazy environment. Who knows? The brightness might even inspire him to be a more productive partner.