10 Books to Read While You’re Waiting for ‘The Great Gatsby’ to Come Out

About a month from now, Baz Luhrmann’s much-anticipated film adaptation of The Great Gatsby will hit theaters, and try as we might to maintain a healthy amount of “they’re going to ruin it” skepticism, we have to admit that we’re pretty excited. So excited that we’ve already re-read the book, and now we’re casting about for similarly jazzy, indulgent, socially critical reads to hold us over until we can watch it unfold as a spectacle in theaters. If you’re facing the same problem, we’ve got you covered — after the jump, check out the books (aside from the obvious one, of course) that we’re reading in anticipation of Gatsby on the big screen, and if we’ve missed your favorite, be sure to add it to our list in the comments.


Appointment in Samarra, John O’Hara

Fran Lebowitz famously called O’Hara “the real F. Scott Fitzgerald,” and whether or not that scandalizes you, you should try his first novel of small town politics and the dark side of polite society — all wealth and jealousy and downward spirals spurred on by alcohol. Sound familiar?