30 Behind-the-Scenes Monster Movie Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Because it came out in the ‘90s and now people old enough to remember it are running websites, a lot of Internet ink has been spilled recently over the 20th anniversary of The Sandlot, writer/director David Mikey Evans’s 1993 remembrance of baseball, boyhood friends, and the summer of ’62. But the most interesting discovery of all of this nostalgia bathing was the unveiling of three photos (by Mr. Evans himself) of the elaborate puppets they used to create “The Beast,” the giant English mastiff that terrifies that neighborhood kids. Looking at those images (and you can check them out after the jump), we get a little nostalgic ourselves — for a time when computers weren’t the solution for scaring an audience, leaving artists and puppeteers to create the horrifying creatures of moviedom. Let’s take a look at how it used to be done.




On his blog, Sandlot writer/director Evans writes, “I had several ‘GIANT THE BEAST PUPPETS’ built for the movie.  One was a completely articulated ‘Giant The Beast Head’ and another was a full over-sized ‘Giant The Beast Puppet Suit’ brought to life by two brave puppeteers actually inside the suit. They were designed and built by my friend and puppeteer genius Rick Lazarini.”