Wonderfully Geeky Pop Culture-Inspired Posters for NASA Expeditions

Points of primary interest aside, pop culture geeks and science geeks have a lot in common (let’s admit it: we all spent a lot of high school-era Saturday nights not on dates), so it’s nice to see that our interests can occasionally intersect. You see, whenever NASA sends an expedition to the International Space Station, they make a poster for said mission as part of their “Space Flight Awareness” program. On the early expeditions, these posters were pretty much what you’d expect: space-suited astronauts looking heroic, against a backdrop of a launching Space Shuttle or Planet Earth, with maybe a waving American flag thrown in for good measure. But about 16 missions in, they started getting inventive — making posters in the mold of famous movie advertising or aping pop culture imagery. Check out our favorites after the jump, and enjoy all of their posters to date (and some fascinating facts about the expeditions) on NASA’s site.


Well, c’mon. You had to know this one was gonna be in there. Expedition 21 landed on December 1, 2009. ESA Astronaut Frank De Winne, the first European commander of the International Space Station, and flight engineers Robert Thirsk, Roman Romanenko, Nicole Stott, Maxim Suraev, and Jeffrey Williams served as the Expedition 21 crew.