10 Musical Preferences That Might Get You Arrested (Or Killed)

If you’re like us, you probably couldn’t quite stifle a rueful sigh at the news earlier this week that a woman in Colorado was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend after he refused to stop blasting Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” on the stereo. It seems there’ve been several such reports of late, and while there’s nothing funny about domestic assault, the whole thing did get us thinking about songs that have managed to get their fans into hot water. We decided to investigate further, and came up with this selection of music that has landed fans in trouble in various amusing, ridiculous, and/or depressing ways.

Macklemore — “Thrift Shop”

So, the “Thrift Shop” incident, wherein 23-year-old Samantha Malson of Longmont, Colorado, was arrested for attacking her boyfriend after he played the song 25 times in a row. It’d be trite to say that we admire Malson’s restraint for sitting through 25 airings of the song, but dude, come on. Who does that?