Your Favorite Poets’ Favorite Books of Poetry

We recently learned about legendary poet Robert Frost’s favorite books, and were surprised to notice that only two of them were books of poetry (and neither a straight collection of the stuff, at that). Nevertheless, we were inspired by his recommendations, and since it’s National Poetry Month and all, we took to the Internet to find out what books of poetry other great poets were loving, recommending, and writing about. After the jump, a few favorite books name-checked by a few wonderful poets. What’s your favorite book of poetry? Let us know in the comments.


Robert Frost

The Odyssey, Homer

Frost’s all-time favorite book, which he says “chooses itself, the first in time and rank of all romances.”

Essays and Poems, Ralph Waldo Emerson

In Emerson, Frost finds “the rapture of idealism either way you have it, in prose or in verse and in brief.”

[via The Christian Science Monitor]