Flavorwire’s Guide to Movies You Need to Stream This Week

Welcome to Flavorwire’s streaming movie guide, in which we help you sift through the scores of movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and other services to find the best of the recently available, freshly relevant, or soon to expire. This week’s new releases are universally underwhelming (you may be tempted to watch Scream 4, but in the name of all that is Craven, resist that temptation), but we got a look at the titles expiring over the next couple of weeks and were amazed by how many great movies are disappearing — so the theme of this week’s streaming movie guide is, apparently, Watch Them While You Can. Join us after the jump for great stuff from Philip Seymour Hoffman, Billy Bob Thornton, Frances McDormand, Ethan Hawke, Robert De Niro, Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, James Gandolfini, Marisa Tomei, the Coen Brothers, Mel Brooks, Sidney Lumet, Robert Altman, and Alfonso Cuarón, and follow the title links to watch them right now.

The Man Who Wasn’t There

You’ve gotta love the power a big studio hit will get you. When the Coen Brothers scored their highest box office numbers to date with O Brother Where Art Thou, it might have been tempting to make a follow-up that was even more audience-friendly. Instead, the Coens used their momentary capital to make one of their most bizarre and introverted films — in black and white, no less. Nonetheless, there are pleasures to be found in The Man Who Wasn’t There: a hilariously deadpan Billy Bob Thornton performance, a gloriously nonsensical plot, and (most of all) the luminous photography by Coens regular Roger Deakins. Move fast on this one — it expires from Netflix Instant on 4/16.