10 Cult Classics The Critics Got Dead Wrong

Buying tip: Alex Cox’s odd, cool, darkly comic, and frankly brilliant Repo Man hits Blu-ray today via the cinematic angels over at the Criterion Collection. It’s always a blast to see a movie as subversive and fun as this one getting its respect as a classic, but it’s worth noting that many of our favorite cult movies were less than beloved at the time of their release. Don’t believe us? Click through to see what some of the less enlightened critics had to say, back in the day, about Repo Man and nine more cult classics.

Repo Man

“The world of automobile repossessors is about as fascinating as a barrel of dead spiders. Somebody at Universal has been mesmerized enough, however, to flush down the drain more money than most of us will ever see in our bank statements, on a piece of trash called Repo Man… It stinks from here to Pasadena.” – Rex Reed, The New York Post