10 Great Kids’ Books That Have Never Been Made Into Movies

Last week, we rolled our eyes at the news that Adam Mansbach’s much-buzzed-about children’s book Go the Fuck to Sleep is being adapted into a film. After all, though it seems like every kids’ book ever has been produced for the big screen, there are still many great ones that haven’t been — and that would make much better cinematic fodder than a book that is mostly the published cry of an overworked parent. After the jump, our list of ten amazing kids’ books that should definitely be made into films before Go the Fuck to Sleep (but we’d settle for after, too).


Outside Over There, Maurice Sendak

Forget Where The Wild Things Are. Well, wait, only rhetorically, but still — Outside Over There is probably our favorite of Sendak’s works. Whimsical and scary, the book is a big sister’s journey to find her baby sister, stolen by goblins who replace her with an ice baby and seek to marry her. The cinematic possibilities are endless. Note: we’d also love to see In the Night Kitchen on the big screen, but with all that nudity, it’d probably be rated X.