Hilarious Engagement Photos Parody Sexy Couples Photo Shoots

Engagement photos are notorious for looking pompous and tacky, with the bride-to-be dripping in jewels as she cradles her husband’s head by the fireplace (or something like that). Employing photographic clichés for their friends’ and family’s entertainment, San Francisco couple Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin parodied those poses in side-by-side shots where each is lying on the bed and staring into the camera or giving a sultry over-the-shoulder look. Shot in black and white, the photos progressively goofier as Adam mimics Casey’s sensual body language, going as far as to don a bra of his own. Flip through the photos, which we discovered via Design Taxi after the couple posted them on Reddit, and celebrate true, unpretentious love between two hilarious geeks.

Photo Credit: Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin.

Photo Credit: Casey Grim and Adam McLaughlin.


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