10 Highbrow Books for Smart Stoners

Rejoice, habitual imbibers of the magic herb. This year, the smoke-filled 4/20 falls on a Saturday, so you can celebrate the holiday unencumbered by the work day (if you still have one). If you’d like to supplement tomorrow’s afternoon festivities with a little bit of quality reading but can’t bear the obvious drug-addled narratives or trippy lit, we’ve got you covered with a list of highbrow books for smarty-pants stoners. Check out your options, and while you’ve still got your wits about you, add to our list in the comments.


The Savage Detectives, Roberto Bolaño

No, this novel isn’t a trippy escape down the rabbit hole — unless you count all the various voices of the polyphonic narrative echoing around in your head. Then there’s the “visceral realists,” a phrase that might appeal to the stoner in you, the sometime poets who wander around the desert in a ’75 Impala and fund their magazine, Lee Harvey Oswald, by selling high-grade marijuana.