10 Women We Can’t Believe Aren’t in the Rock Hall of Fame

So, tonight is the grand induction ceremony for this year’s class of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. You’ll forgive us if we don’t get too excited, though, as the whole Hall of Fame experience these days is as notable for who isn’t included as it is for who is — and, specifically, for the ongoing lack of female inductees. There are plenty of worthy male artists and (predominantly) male bands whose continuing absence is inexplicable — Brian Eno, Nick Drake, Pixies, The Smiths, The Cure, Television — but the picture for women remains truly depressing. About this time two years ago, Salon ran a story pointing out that less than 14% of inductees were women, a picture that hasn’t exactly improved since — Heart and Donna Summer finally god the nod this year, meaning that a whole 25% of this year’s inductees are women! There are still loads of great female artists who remain on the outside looking in, though; here are some of the best.

Joan Jett

It’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rock. And. Roll. And yet there is still no Joan Jett, perhaps the greatest female rocker of them all. She was nominated last year, losing out out to such luminaries as The Midnighters and The Blue Caps, and again this year, to no avail. But hey, never lose hope: maybe she can be next year’s token woman, eh?