‘Space Tourist’: Mieke Geenen’s Strangely Appealing Post-apocalyptic Vision

“These are the quietest places in the world, it is after the fire and the dust. Our records of the past have gone missing, the stars have become our street lights. Most species have vanished. Echoes, ruins and some wandering, giggling animals appear once in a while.” As Antwerp-based artist and photo manipulator Mieke Geenen‘s description of her Space Tourist project suggests, its post-apocalyptic vision is more appealing than most. Sure, the various animals of Earth have been sprinkled throughout the galaxy, but don’t they look peaceful suspended from helicopters and floating among the stars? Click through for a few of our favorite images from Space Tourist, which we discovered via My Modern Met, and visit Geenen’s Behance site to see the entire two-part series.

Image credit: Mieke Geenen