The 10 Greatest Creepy Farm Books

In Julie Sarkissian’s wonderful debut novel, Dear Lucy, which hits shelves today, a young woman with a peculiar way of perceiving the world finds herself exiled from her mother’s life, living on a farm where something — Lucy can’t quite figure out what — is wrong, just beneath the surface. Or maybe there’s more than one something. Lucy sets out on a quest to make things right, as well as she can, in a story that’s equal parts sweet and strange. To celebrate the book’s release, we asked Sarkissian to tell us about her favorite creepy farm books — a surprisingly lush category! We always knew something was awry with all those creaky barns. Check out her picks after the jump, and be sure to grab a copy of her book — extra points if you do it tonight at the book’s release party at Brooklyn’s BookCourt.


Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White

In this classic children’s story, the animals on Zuckerman’s farm communicate in novel ways, come to each other’s rescue, and generally make the world a better place. But this is hardly an exclusively fuzzy feelings book. What makes this farm creepy? We fall in love with young Wilbur, only to learn that E.B. White has put his life on the chopping block. The animals in this book demonstrate more humanity than the humans, so the uncertainty of Wilbur’s fate feels like the impending execution of your best friend.