10 Foolproof Books to Give as Gifts

Tonight is World Book Night, an international event wherein devoted volunteers pick a favorite out of 30 books, selected by an independent panel of librarians and booksellers, and hand copies out in their communities, encouraging those who don’t normally read or have access to books to experience something new. In case you missed the boat on volunteering, but are inspired to gift a book to someone who doesn’t read very often, we’ve put together a list of foolproof gift books that (almost) everyone will love. Some of these have been selected as World Book Night books in the past, and some have not, but we think they all will encourage a brand new or rediscovered reading habit — and your reputation as an excellent gift-giver. Check out our list after the jump, and add to it at will in the comments.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain

Mark Twain is one of the most essential, most American of American writers, someone everyone should be able to look to for alignment. Plus, there’s this superb novel, which will, among other things, teach you how to live.