A Selection of the Flat-Out Dirtiest Songs in the History of Music

The good folk at Dangerous Minds are great at unearthing amazing YouTube rarities, and they outdid themselves last week with a 1971 performance by Ike and Tina Turner, which goes down in history as one of the most subtly filthy live performances we’ve ever seen — it’s basically one long allusion to oral sex, with Tina spending most of her time doing very, very suggestive things to the microphone, and while Ike’s ophidian glare still gives us the creeps, he does make some glorious slurping noises into his own mic. The crowd clearly knows exactly what’s going on, sniggering throughout, and the whole thing’s a testament to just how filthy music could be, even in an era that was still comparatively conservative. Anyway, the spectacle got us thinking about our favorite dirty songs, the best of which we have shared after the jump. Don’t play these while your boss is around. Obviously.

Salt-N-Pepa — “Push It”

It’s not so much the lyrics — although they do push the envelope somewhat, particularly the “Can’t you hear the music’s pumping hard/ Like I wish you would?” bit — or the breathy “Ah, push it” refrain. No, it’s that filthy synth bass, the aural equivalent of something humping your leg. It’s so indecent, in fact, that this would sound dirty even if it had no lyrics at all. (It’s also a definite contender for the coveted “dirtiest bass sound ever” prize, perhaps trumped only by a certain Ginuwine track that we will discuss in due course.)