20 Amazing Outdoor Libraries and Bookstores From All Over the World

At long last, the weather is warming up, allowing for long walks, open windows, and (of course) the return of reading outside. But there’s yet another pleasure that you may not have tried — browsing for books outside! After the jump, you’ll find a selection of libraries and bookstores from all around the world that say “phooey” to the rain and operate in the open air, perfect for those bookworms who prefer gentle breezes to that typical bookstore musk. Nothing against the musk, but it just doesn’t get much more glorious than picking out a new book in front of a warm summer sunset. Click through to check out 20 wonderful outdoor book depositories, and add any of your missing favorites in the comments.




Bookyard, built by Massimo Bartolini for the Belgian art festival TRACK: A Contemporary City Conversation in Ghent. Visitors may browse and choose whatever book they like for a small donation. [Photos via]