10 of the Most Underrated Bands of the 21st Century

This week sees the release of a new album by The Veils, who have a special place in our hearts as one of those bands that we absolutely, wholeheartedly believed at one point would be massive. Everyone has a band like this — a band they tipped for greatness, a band that they can’t quite believe the world never cottoned onto. And sadly, the best part of a decade later, The Veils remain a band whose charms are appreciated by a select group of fans but have largely evaded the rest of the world. So in the interest of celebrating their music and other, similarly under-appreciated groups, here are some of the most overlooked bands of the 21st century; make your additions in the comments.

The Veils

Circa the mid-’00s, The Veils seemed to have everything – a charismatic frontman who happened to be both really rather good-looking and also a very fine songwriter, along with some pretty handy music industry connections (aforementioned frontman Finn Andrews’ father Barry was in XTC), a great live show, and plenty of good press. Everything was set up for them to be genuinely massive. But for whatever reason — and there are various theories here, some of them potentially libelous — things never quite clicked. Will this record finally bring them the renown they deserve? We certainly hope so.