45 Wonderful Fan-Designed Covers for ‘The Great Gatsby’

With Baz Luhrmann’s splashy adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great American Novel contender hitting theaters Friday, Flavorwire is devoting this week to all things Great Gatsby. Click here to follow our coverage.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby has one of the most iconic book covers of all time. Francis Cugat was commissioned to design the cover while Fitzgerald was still working on the novel, and when he saw the artwork, he liked it so much that he told his publisher he had “written it into” the book. Still, this has not prevented Gatsby from being published with multiple jacket treatments over the years. Some are quite lovely indeed, the recent movie tie-in edition, which McNally Jackson’s Kevin Cassem thinks would “bring shame” to any reader on the subway, not included. The novel has also been a wellspring of inspiration for writers and designers alike, and there are quite a large number of wonderful fan-designed covers floating around on the Internet — created by everyone from established designers to students, but each one of them better than the movie tie-in.

Image Credit: Mike Arnold via The Fox is Black

Image Credit: Mike Arnold via The Fox is Black


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