Why Colonizing Outer Space Is a Bad Idea: 9 Lessons From Pop Culture

Here’s the ultimate good-bad idea: the Dutch aerospace project is planning to send four humans to Mars in 2023 … and keep them there. Permanently. As of yesterday, 20,000 people had applied for a spot on the mission, and 24 to 40 of the applicants will duke it out on reality TV to be among the first humans to colonize a planet. Clearly, they haven’t seen enough space movies to realize that this is a horrible idea. If these applicants just took the time to watch the following movies and TV shows, they’d surely think twice about hopping into a spaceship.


Dark Star

In this John Carpenter black comedy, a crew is assembled to destroy possible enemy planets that could threaten future colonization. Except the crew members become so bored on the ship that they start to lose their minds and subsequently mess things up (they accidentally blow up all their remaining toilet paper, for instance). Which brings up a good point: with only four people living on Mars, won’t socializing get painfully boring after the initial shock of being in space wears off?