Famous Books You Didn’t Know Were Censored

Most fans of literature and free speech will be well aware that censorship (or at least attempted censorship) is alive and well in the United States. Recently, a parent objected to the un-expurgated version of Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl, calling her descriptions of her budding sexuality “pornographic.” This person is rather behind the times — those passages were originally cut because of the chance that they might offend, but reinstated later on. But Frank isn’t the only author whose raciest passages were cut before publication. Feast your mind on the following selection of books that were censored or expurgated from their original, more scandalous formats.


The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank

Back in 1947, when Anne’s father Otto Frank published her diary, he was advised by his publisher that some of Anne’s writings about her sexuality would be offensive to certain readers, and several diary entries, constituting about 30 percent of the book, were cut. Sixty-six years later, parents are complaining about the “pornographic” entries in the restored edition, since being frank (pun somewhat intended) about one’s vagina is clearly incredibly porn-y.