‘Red Moon’ Author Benjamin Percy’s Favorite Wolf Stories

Next week, Benjamin Percy’s great werewolf novel, Red Moon, will come howling into bookstores with a fury, possibly destroying everything in its path. Percy’s novel manages to be blockbuster-style captivating, politically fascinating, and quite literary all at once, which makes it a solid pre-summer read, even if werewolves give you the willies. Then again, if you already like wolf stories, you’ve come to the right place — read on for Percy’s take on five of his favorites.


“The Company of Wolves,” Angela Carter

Percy: Carter once told a man who asked what her writing was like, “My work cuts like a steel blade at the base of a man’s penis.” It does indeed in The Bloody Chamber, her brilliant book of fairy tales, all of them feminist revisions. “The Company of Wolves” not only features exquisitely lyrical passages, but closes with Little Red Riding Hood refusing to play the victim, owning her sexuality, with the Big Bad Wolf lying passive and naked in her lap while she picks and eats the lice from his head.