Everything Wes Anderson’s Ever Directed, Ranked

Today is Wes Anderson’s birthday, with the Houston-born auteur turning 44 years old following the commercial and critical success of Moonrise Kingdom. That 2012 Oscar nominee was his seventh feature film, and between that, his shorts, and his many commercials, Anderson has put together a pretty respectable body of work. So how does it all stack up?

19. Hyundai Azera ads (2012)

Hyundai paid big money to premiere these two spots during the 2012 Oscar ceremony. In the first, “Modern Life,” a beautifully busy Anderson composition conveys the chaos of the out-of-control household (in contrast to the clean comfort of the car); the second, “Talk to My Car,” dramatizes the sci-fi dream of communicating with your vehicle. The handmade feel of the latter spot is quite lovely (it recalls Fantastic Mr. Fox’s design), though the Conventional Commercial feel (complete with Jeff Bridges voice-over) that clobbers each spot in the closing seconds makes them feel less like tiny Anderson movies and more like real ads.