Flavorwire’s Endearingly Exhaustive 2013 Summer Movie Preview

It’s the first weekend in May, so you know what that means: there’s a new Marvel movie in theaters (seriously, it’s been their weekend since 2007), and the summer movie season has officially begun. It’s a tricky minefield to navigate, rife with sequels and reboots and sequels and adaptations and sequels, but Flavorwire is here to help: our summer movie guide takes you through the entire season, month by month, spotlighting the films that might be worth seeing (Might! Maybe! No promises!) and delicately averting your eyes from the certain dogs. Take a deep breath and put on your 3D glasses; here we go.


The Great Gatsby (May 10)

Sure, a big-budget adaptation of Fitzgerald’s classic, in pointless 3D with a hip-hop soundtrack and ADD-afflicted director Baz Luhrmann at the helm sounds like a terrible idea. And it may very well turn out to be! But you’ve gotta hand it to Baz for going all in on this one, and in all fairness, the trailers do look pretty spectacular. He’s going to have to pull off quite a balancing act if he’s going to get the mixture of spectacle, cinema, and literature right — but nobody ever made a great movie by being timid.