Haunting Photos of Abandoned Planes in the Middle of Nowhere

Wired introduced us to the work of Dietmar Eckell, who photographs abandoned airplanes in remote locations. The haunting images of the metal behemoths sinking into gorgeous, deserted landscapes are dramatic and surreal. The series Happy End started when the artist was researching the “visual disruption of nostalgic technology in endless landscapes,” and continued when he drew a connection between the ghostly planes and the shipwreck/marine paintings of the Romantic period. The aircraft Eckell documented are the relics of forced landings in faraway places (some abandoned now for 10 to 17 years), but thankfully everyone on board survived. The artist wants to share the stories he uncovered in a book he’s currently campaigning to fund. Visit Eckell’s work in our gallery, and head to his Indiegogo page to learn more.

Photo credit: Dietmar Eckell

Photo credit: Dietmar Eckell


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