‘Mad Men’ Characters and Their Comic Book Counterparts

Today is Free Comic Book Day, which promises exactly what it advertises: you get a free comic book just for showing up at your local shop. The offerings have been specially selected, but nothing is preventing you from browsing while you’re there and spending a few dollars to support an oft-overlooked art form that has brought joy to many. To celebrate the occasion, and with a new Mad Men episode approaching, we wanted to combine two of our favorite things: 1960’s ad execs crippled by existential angst, and awesome comic book heroes and villains. The resemblance is greater than you think. See our pairings, and leave your own suggestions, below.


Don Draper = Superman

For a while, rumors were swirling about Jon Hamm donning the cape for a Superman movie. The steely-eyed actor is an obvious physical match for the comic book character, but they have a lot more in common apart from their chiseled features. Both men have a secret identity, they each work an office gig (dealing with the media), and the ladies love them — though they don’t always know how to cope with the attention and ensuing emotions. They lost their parents at a young age and grew up on a farm (at least Don did before he ended up in a brothel), and each man grapples with their own Kryptonite.