10 Albums Made for Incredibly Strange (And Sometimes Hilarious) Reasons

As you’ve probably heard, there’s a new Lauryn Hill song. It sounds… well, it sounds like it was recorded in a hurry to pay off a tax bill, which is apparently exactly the case (unfortunately, the quickie release didn’t save Hill from a three-month jail sentence). The vocals and lyrics are decent enough, but the beat sounds like it was slapped together in GarageBand with deadlines in mind. Of course, Hill’s not exactly the first artist to have to make a record under duress; here’s a selection of records made for weird reasons over the years, some hilarious, some sadly rather less so.


Willie Nelson — The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories?

This album bears the title The IRS Tapes because it was made after the IRS seized all of Nelson’s assets in 1990, having worked out that he hadn’t been paying his taxes for years. Oh, Willie. Couldn’t you have just sold some weed or something? (OK, so it would have had to have been a shitload of weed to pay off $12.6 million of back taxes.)