10 Amazing, Shocking Unscripted Moments From ’90s MTV

Though the channel debuted in the early ’80s, MTV really found its groove in the ’90s when it still balanced music coverage with its burgeoning original reality, comedy, and animated programming. Because we can’t resist looking back fondly on the wild and wacky on-air incidents that shaped our adolescence, here are ten mind-blowing moments from MTV’s second decade that make us pine for those halcyon off-the-wall days; be sure to list the crazy ’90s MTV moments that are burned into your memory in the comments!

Janet Jackson performs “Black Cat” (1990)

A decade before that infamous Super Bowl performance, Janet Jackson ushered in a new age of sexual spontaneity on live television when she tore open her shirt while performing her single from Rhythm Nation 1814 on the Video Music Awards. It seems tame now, but it was just the beginning of the more sexualized image she took on in the ’90s.