A Tale of Two Cities: Compelling Photos Merge London and New York

As a Londoner living in New York, I’m often drawing parallels between the two cities. Central Park is (a prettier) Hyde Park; Williamsburg is trendier than Shoreditch; the Upper East Side’s as swanky as Chelsea, Washington Square Park swarming with NYU kids might as well be Russell Square crawling with UCL students, and so forth. With her photography series New York+London (spotted via Architizer), another English woman, Daniella Zalcman, has turned her homesick musings following her move to New York into art.

In an effort to defy the laws of time and distance, Zalcman’s photographs posit New York skyscrapers amid narrow East End streets, transports Grand Central commuters to a South Kensington road lined with posh, pillared houses, and even congests New York and London traffic together, creating quite possibly the world’s most enervating jam. Incredibly, Zalcman took all these photos on her smartphone. This stunning series isn’t so much about traveling as it is the dream of combining two places, as well as the migrant reality of living in the liminal space between places; living in one place physically while the mind resides somewhere else altogether. Enjoy Zalcman’s photos below and visit her website to see more of her work, and her Kickstarter page where she is raising funds to compile a book of her work.

Photo Credit: Daniella Zalcman