The Revealing Childhood and Teenage Letters of Pop Culture Figures

There’s something incredibly intimate about letter writing: the indelible mark on a page, the permanence of ink, and the process of consideration before putting pen to paper. Even a typewritten page feels vastly more personal than one created with a computer. While you’re scrawling a Mother’s Day card to mum or your other significant parental person this weekend, the act may take you back to simpler times during your childhood when you shared your thoughts with a pen and not an iPhone. We’re sure it’s no different for the writers, musicians, and actors we revere. Before they were the names on everyone’s lips, they were sharing their hopes, dreams, and wondering about the world through their childhood and teenage letters. See what insightful missives we uncovered, below.


Stephen King

The highlight of this letter written by 14-year-old Stephen King to Spacemen Magazine editor Forrest Ackerman (better known for Famous Monsters of Filmland) is fantastically morbid:

“I subscribe to your magazine, and my favorite feature is the Obituary department… ”