A Treasury of ‘SNL’ Game Shows Hosted by Bill Hader

Bill Hader announced this morning that he’ll be leaving Saturday Night Live at the end of this season, putting a wrap on an impressive eight years on the sketch-comedy series. This Saturday will be his last episode, and while we’re sure to see some of his recurring characters pop in (especially Stefon, his most famous), we’re hoping for one last chance to see Hader doing what he does best: playing a hilariously smarmy game-show host. Through his run at SNL, Hader played the straight-man in a handful of game show sketches, doing his best to keep his lips sealed while chaos ensued around him. His oddball and creepy game show hosts — all a variation on the same concept — have become a staple in the last decade. To celebrate Hader, here’s a compendium of his game-show sketches.

“What’s That Name?”

In a recurring sketch, celebrities (in this case, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga) must identify the non-famous people in their lives by name.