The 50 Greatest Movie Villains of All Time

The true nature of Star Trek Into Darkness’s villain has become perhaps the Internet’s worst-kept secret (you have to go all the way to, erm, the top of the IMDB cast list to find out what the trailers have painstakingly hidden), but don’t worry — you’ll not have it spoiled here. Suffice it to say that the film’s antagonist is fiercely intelligent, physically brutal, and hellbent on revenge. In other words, this is a great movie villain. But what makes a truly memorable one? Sifting through the scores of iconic movie bad guys and girls reveals that villainy comes in all shapes, sizes, and levels of intensity; ranking them against each other is a tall order, but your Flavorwire was willing to give it a shot.

50. Joan Crawford
THE FILM: Mommie Dearest
PLAYED BY: Faye Dunaway
WHY WE REMEMBER HER: Few bad movie moms were brought to life with as much flamboyance, melodrama, and unintentional (maybe?) camp as movie legend Joan Crawford, played with a to-the-cheap-seats theatricality by Faye Dunaway in this adaptation of Cristina Crawford’s notorious memoir. It’s a performance recalled fondly, to this day, whenever wire hangers are mentioned.