15 Books You Should Definitely Not Read in Your 20s

The Internet (this site not the least bit exempt) is fond of telling you which books you should read. Particularly, it seems, when you’re in your 20s. But now that you have enough of those lists to last you a lifetime, which books should you make sure to steer clear from in this most transitional and tender of decades? Well, here are a few to consider. Disclaimer: all of these (okay, most of these) are good books. They’re books you should read. Just not in your 20s.


That Old Cape Magic, Richard Russo

The moral of this book, as your literary editor took it, is that anyone can fall out of love with anyone else at any time. This might be a true fact, but it also might put you off dating for several years — and since your 20s should be full of dating, best wait to read this one until you can just look shiftily at your husband or wife every few pages.