The 20 Best Disney Animated Feature Films

Eighty-five years ago this week, on May 15, 1928, Mickey Mouse made his animated debut in the short “Plane Crazy,” the little-seen film that isn’t quite as popular as the first distributed Disney film, “Steamboat Willie.” While Mickey Mouse became the face of the Disney empire, he didn’t make it into many of the studio’s feature films. But his success and popularity made his creator Walt Disney a household name, and he paved the way for the great animated films for which Disney’s studio became known. To celebrate this anniversary, we took on the massive task of ranking Walt Disney Pictures’ 20 greatest animated features. 

oliver_and_company_ver120. Oliver & Company (1988)

Why not modernize Oliver Twist and fill it with cats and dogs in New York City? Bonus: Cheech Marin, Bette Midler, and Billy Joel all provide voices.