The 10 Most Gloriously Ridiculous Eurovision Entries of Our Time

Tomorrow is the final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, that quintessentially European event wherein a curious selection of pop stars, comedians, and oddballs from around the continent compete to submit the most absurd pop song of the year for the glory of King/Queen/Secular President and country. The contest is generally surreal, hilarious, and as camp as a tent city, and this year isn’t any different. In honor of the perennially amusing event — and because you could surely use some silliness to help you through Friday afternoon — here are some of the most gloriously ridiculous Eurovision entrants of our time.


The most famously absurd Eurovision entrants in recent years, Finnish metal band and Warhammer set made flesh Lordi won the contest in 2006 with the immortal “Hard Rock Hallelujah,” a song so gloriously overblown that it made Manowar looks like restrained acoustic balladeers. \m/ \m/