A Brief Survey of Naughty Public Art

Artist Paul McCarthy is at it again. We spotted his newest inflatable sculpture, a massive pile of feces, on Booooooom. You can see it after the jump, along with other public artworks that display a naughty, irreverent, and pervy side. It’s fascinating to observe the public’s reactions to subjects normally kept hush-hush in polite company. These installations, performances, and sculptures have nothing to hide, though. See how potty humor, private sex acts, and other naughty themes have entered the public sphere, framed by the fine art world.


Paul McCarthy’s 51-foot-tall inflatable feces sculpture is on display in Hong Kong through June 9, as part of the INFLATION! exhibition, but this isn’t the first time the artist has thrust his potty humor on passersby. In 2008, one of his inflatable turds took off in the wind, broke a few windows, and tore down power lines.