An Introduction to Ray Manzarek’s Post-Doors Music Career

Like pretty much everyone else in the music world, Flavorwire was saddened to hear of the death of Doors keyboard player and co-founder Ray Manzarek yesterday. Manzarek was one of music’s great versatile talents — his keyboard work on The Doors’ recordings is rightly lauded, especially as the band’s lack of a bassist meant he was often covering bass parts and melody lines simultaneously, but it’s hardly the sum of his career. In the four decades since Jim Morrison’s death, Manzarek was involved with a fascinating variety of projects; in tribute to him, here is some of his most notable post-Doors work.

Nite City

While the rest of the surviving members of The Doors formed the unfortunately named Butts Band after Morrison’s death, Manzarek went his own way, releasing three solo albums and then forming this project, which involved vocalist Noah James, guitarist Paul Warren, and Blondie bassist Nigel Harrison. The band has largely been forgotten, but its music isn’t bad, and Manzarek’s keyboard work was as dextrous as ever. (Also, the YouTube comments on the above make for rather interesting reading.)