Great Musicians on the Concerts That Inspired Them to Make Music

If you aren’t already, it’s time to follow The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle on Tumblr — his blog is as witty and entertaining as one might expect, and he updates it fairly frequently. In particular, it was interesting to see him recently post a photo of a very young version of himself at a Nick Cave show. It turns out he’s quite the Cave fan, and that seeing The Bad Seeds play on the tour in question was quite the formative experience on both Darnielle himself and on his nascent musical project. He’s not the first musician to be inspired to form a band after seeing a hero play live, of course — so here are some other recollections of great musical revelations.

John Darnielle: Nick Cave

“Nick Cave released his first solo album shortly after [my friends and I] had gotten into [The Birthday Party], and we all drove out to Pasadena to see him live. I got major religion about it.” [via]