What to Read to Fill the Void Left by Your Favorite TV Shows This Summer

As one television season comes to its inevitable end, and a number of our favorite shows have either finished for the summer (or for good) we’ve compiled a suggested reading list of books to binge on and fill the void of your favorite shows while we wait impatiently for them to return next season. Readers and television bingers alike, don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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Girls and Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar

With the somber turn Girls has taken in its second season (and the photos from filming for the third season, which show the actors wearing funeral appropriate garb, suggestive a darker turn yet) perhaps The Bell Jar, a novel about a 20-something living in New York and wrangling with depression, is an appropriate, albeit somber, summer read to fill the void left by Girls. Plath’s magnificent book also touches on the kind of despair that Hannah, trapped in her own bell jar of sorts, was left with in the moments before Adam came kicking her door down. Nonetheless, we suspect that, as with Plath’s protagonist Esther Greenwood, having a man won’t be the answer to Hannah’s loneliness.