10 of the Strangest Celebrity Museums

Paula Deen, perhaps the deadliest chef in America, will be the subject of a new museum Georgia. The southern comfort-food queen’s first husband, Jimmy Deen, and a local businesswoman want to transform Deen’s childhood home into a museum honoring her rise through the restaurant ranks. The Food Network star’s proclivities for butter will surely be highlighted — and battered, deep-fried, and consumed with abandon. Visitors might not live to tell about it. While Deen is a television favorite, the idea of an all-Deen museum seems rather odd. But it’s not the strangest subject for a cultural institution. Here’s a selection of other bizarre (and a few bizarrely charming) celebrity museums around the world.


Britney Spears

Miss Britney Jean was born in rural Kentwood, Louisiana, which is where a small museum was erected in her honor. The Kentwood Museum boasts a permanent Britney Spears exhibition that seems to make up the bulk of their collection. One example of the Britney memorabilia on display is a replica of the stage where the singer performed her HBO concert special, with 600 colored lights and thousands of parts. Here’s a Yelp review that sums everything up: “It’s pretty much just an old, run down house in the middle of nowhere Louisiana with her picture on the outside and what I am imagining to be a bunch of her shit on the inside. And it’s magical.”