10 Famous Literary Characters That Are Significantly Younger Than You Think

When an author creates a character, he or she bestows upon this fictional person specific attributes — age, looks, certain proclivities — that may or may not be made explicit on the page. But whether the character is explained fully or not, there’s no telling what will happen when the culture at large gets a hold of him. Especially if the notoriously age-garbling film industry gets involved. After the jump, prepare to be shocked at famous literary characters that are significantly younger than you (probably) think they are.


Holly Golightly: 18

For those only aware of Holly Golightly in her now-iconic Audrey Hepburn incarnation, it might be a surprise to learn that the novella places her in her late teens (Hepburn was 31 when the movie was filmed). Truman Capote was, of course, famously less than thrilled with the casting — but then, he wanted Marilyn Monroe, who was even older. But blonde, boys, blonde.